Service now available in Ozark, Missouri.

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Rock Solid Reliability

Velocity Wireless is a network built to the highest standards possible.

State of the Art Technology

Velocity Wireless uses the highest quality technology available in today’s marketplace.

Symmetrical Internet Connections

Velocity Wireless offers symmetrical internet connections.
Simply put a Symmetrical Internet connection allows you to upload and download at the same speed without the loss of data. The speed is the same in both directions.

Unlike Cable, DSL, and other Asymmetrical connections, you have the same upload and download speed. With the same upload and download speed delays are prevented and this provides you the best quality streaming of audio, video, and telephony.

Local Support

When things don’t go right, you need support that you can count on.
You don’t need the frustration of trying to reach someone and just getting the run around.
Velocity Wireless provides local support right here in Missouri.

Locally Owned and Operated

Velocity Wireless is a locally owned and operated division of PC Solutions in Ozark, Missouri.